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Solid hydrogen storage

McPhy has developed a unique patented technology for storing hydrogen in solid form (metal hydrides) at low pressure.

This technology dramatically improves security related to hydrogen storage (compared to existing technologies: high pressure> 200 bar or liquid storage at -253 C).

Fire testing of McPhy's MgH2 composite

Video: a MgH2 (Magnesium hydride) disk, which contains 600 liters of hydrogen, suffers an extreme heat (butane flame, 1900 C) during 5 minutes. There is no fire or explosion. This prove the security of our material and solid state hydrogen storage.

Innovation has created a bypass in the hydrogen supply chain, by allowing a combination of generator and low-pressure hydrogen storage (thus avoiding the intensive energy-consuming compression / liquefaction phase of hydrogen processing) to be used at point of hydrogen production or use.

McPhy offers a range of hydrides suitable for your every need.

The many benefits of solid hydrogen storage

  • Drastic reduction in safety risk compared to high pressure or cryogenic solutions
  • A completely reversible system (storage / retrieval)
  • No memory effect, dischargeable at 100 % where power retrieval and energy storage are uncoupled
  • Flexible and reactive use (absorbs variations in electrolyzer-produced hydrogen, ideal when it comes to storing intermittent renewable energy)
  • 10 years of operation free of intensive maintenance due to a daily storage / retrieval cycle, with no loss of energy over time
  • "Floating" storage or retrieval on demand for a hydrogen consumption-intensive network that cannot provide liquid or pressure solutions
  • A "plug and play" system

Solid storage in containers that hold an unlimited amount of hydrogen as required (from a few tens to hundreds of kilogrammes or several tonnes) by multiplying them..

After creating small 4 kg hydrogen storage prototypes to validate its technology in 2011, McPhy will be able to provide from late 2012:

Then from early 2013, we will market MGH storage for 300 kg of hydrogen (10 MWh).

1. Storage container
2. McPhy composite (based on magnesium hydride), central to the McPhy storage system.