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McPhy Energy S.A. expands its Project team and appoints Ismael Aso as Project Manager

McPhy Energy S.A., a French based leading supplier of solid state hydrogen storage today announces the appointment of Ismael Aso (31 ans) as Project Manager.

Ismael graduated as an engineer from the University of Saragossa in 2005, specialized in energy, fluid and heat science. He also followed a European Master in renewable energies in 2006, and a DEA in 2008.

He started its career from 2006 to 2011 at the Foundation for Development of New Technologies of Hydrogen in Aragon (Spain), in charge of coordination of development and responsible at the International Agency of Energy for the work team on wind energy and hydrogen (Task 24).  Also the scientific responsible of the ITHER project (Infrastructure of Hydrogen and Technology of Renewable Energies), a project awarded by the HIA AIE in 2010 as the best demonstration project for renewable energy and hydrogen.

He joined in 2011 the National Spanish Center for Experimental Technologies of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, in the research department, as the coordinator for Hydrogen and Renewable Energy projects, and as responsible of the Spanish Hydrogen platform users work team.

Since March 2013, this great international specialist of Hydrogen joined the Project team of McPHy Energy S.A., a French based technology company developing and manufacturing commercial systems to store hydrogen based on innovative metal hydride technology. He will contribute to the technological and commercial success of this dynamic company.