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Latest hydrogen storage news

Nov 19, 2014Hydrogen powered cars are here but building the infrastructure is key [The Information]

Nov 18, 2014Fuel-cell cars gain momentum with Toyota Mirai [CNET]

Nov 17, 2014BMW plans new hydrogen-fuelled i5 [Autocar]

Nov 14, 2014Toshiba develops portable solar-powered hydrogen system for use in fuel cells [The Asahi Shimbun AJW]

Nov 13, 2014Pilot hydrogen storage and production facility offers glimpse into the fueling stations of the future []

Nov 8, 2014Clean Energy For 14 Years In Germany [CleanTechnica]

Nov 7, 2014"Power to gas" : solution d'avenir pour stocker l'électro-renouvelable [Enerzine]

Nov 5, 2014Honda opens new hydrogen fuel station in the UK [Hydrogen Fuel News]

Nov 5, 2014Stanford chemical engineers borrow technique from petrochemical industry to store solar energy [Stanford News]

Nov 4, 2014Transition énergétique : le choix du vecteur, c'est maintenant [Actu Environnement]

Nov 3, 2014U.S. DoE Launches $1 Million H2 Refuel H-Prize to Develop Home-Based Hydrogen Refuelling [Transport Evolved]

Nov 3, 2014Honda builds ‘green’ commercial hydrogen station []

Nov 3, 2014UK government launches new clean transportation competition [Hydrogen Fuel News]

Nov 3, 2014Power-to-gas : L’hydrogène pour stocker l’énergie excédentaire [Wehicles]

Oct 30, 2014Energy Dept. Still Chasing Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Unicorn [CleanTechnica]