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Power to gas

Today the development of Intermittent Renewable Energy (IRR) is being hindered on a large scale. As electrical energy is not easily stored, it is often easier to disconnect IRR from the power grid rather than storing electrical surplus. This means energy is lost.

A solution for avoiding this energy losses is provided by Power To Gas, or the injection of green hydrogen into the natural gas network. In the case of wind-power production, we speak for example of "making the wind blow into the natural gas network".

The Power to Gas concept is to use the existing natural gas distribution network to store electricity losses and move it to another point of use.


Energy losses produced by IRR is converted into green hydrogen using water electrolysis. This green hydrogen is then used as an energy vector, which can have several applications:

The main advantages

McPhy is positioning itself in the Gas To Power market, providing electrolyzers to transform green hydrogen and electricity losses by providing hydrogen storage solutions to optimize conditions for injection into the natural gas network.

The first major application for McPhy in the Power To Gas concept is participation in GRHYD, in collaboration with GDF Suez in France.