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Hydrogen mobility

Hydrogen Mobility concerns electric vehicles in which a hydrogen fuel-cell generates electric power to move the vehicle. The main advantage of hydrogen-powered vehicles is that their only emission is water. This allows considerable reduction, at local level, of emissions of CO2 and other polluting particles from internal combustion engines.

In the fight against climate change, hydrogen mobility is powerful tool for helping to reduce greenhouse gases and stem global warming.

It is also a formidable vector for economic performance (energy security, creation of local jobs, increase in skills) and regional health and environmental benefits (improved air quality, reduced noise pollution).

As an energy transition player, McPhy Energy provides expertise in the field of zero emission mobility and is deploying an infrastructure of hydrogen refuelling stations: McFilling.

McFilling®, putting our energy to work for zero emission mobility

McPhy Energy draws on its years of experience in producing hydrogen through water electrolysis to design and manufacture flexible production, storage and distribution equipment.

McFilling® is a compact and modular system that allows:

Hydrogen Station

Download the sheet "McFilling® Hydrogen refuelling station"

Deployment of hydrogen refuelling stations in France

Cars and hydrogen refuelling stations infrastructure deployment needs to be simultaneous to ensure a good economic return for all the actors. McPhy Energy, as a main hydrogen actor, is actively involved in deploying the network of hydrogen refueling stations, in the framework of the national plan “Industrie du Futur” (Industry of the Future) which aims to implement 100 hydrogen stations by 2018.

Our references:
GNVert, subsidiary of the Engie group, and Hyway (Lyon), Hyway (Grenoble), City of Paris and Idex (Ivry-sur-Seine), Urban community of Sarreguemines Confluences and EDF (Sarreguemines), etc.

The world map of hydrogen charging-stations can be seen at