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Hydrogen energy

The objective of energy transition towards renewable energy - with its intermittent nature - poses problems for the power grid and makes it difficult to keep a balance between electricity production and consumption. Energy storage becomes a necessity and McPhy provides an answer to these problems with unique solutions based on green hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a very good energy vector; with an energy density of 33 kWh per kilogramme, hydrogen contains three times more energy than diesel and 2.5 times more energy than natural gas.

Example of density for the main energy vectors currently used

On the other hand, hydrogen gas is difficult to store because of its low density. At atmospheric pressure and room temperature, it takes a volume of 11 m3 to store 1 kg of H2. Current storage technologies compress the gas at high pressure (700 bars and +) or liquefy hydrogen at -253 °C, which generates additional risks. Furthermore, these processes are energy intensive and can consume up to one third of the energy contained in the gas.

McPhy technology for hydrogen storage in solid form (MgH2) allows hydrogen to be stored safely at low pressure, making it an excellent solution for mass energy storage applications.

McPhy energy storage solutions include: a hydrogen generator based on water electrolysis, solid hydrogen storage and equipment as required for conversion of hydrogen into electricity.

To maximize the value of renewable energy, McPhy offers a different way of using the hydrogen vector, depending on your needs.

Store energy in an electricity circuit - electricity

McPhy technology allows the storage of large quantities of hydrogen. These modular containerized products can be combined to adapt to the amount of energy that needs to be stored. Unlike batteries, hydrogen can be used for short- and long-term storage (with no loss of energy over time).

McPhy energy storage solutions allow you to:

Connect different markets: electricity and gas, energy and industry

Only hydrogen allows a connection to be made between different markets. With the LASHY proposition, McPhy innovates in business-model terms to connect these market players and create a true green hydrogen economy that is advantageous for energy companies and their customers.

McPhy hydrogen storage solutions and the LASHY proposition allow you to: