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Water Electrolysis


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Carbon free hydrogen

Hydrogen is used in industrial processes for the manufacture of electronic components, unrefined glass, chemicals, foodstuffs, etc.

Currently, the conversion of natural gas (CH4) using superheated steam is the method most commonly used to produce hydrogen, but it creates a deplorable carbon footprint (10 kg of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere for every 1 kg of hydrogen produced). In France, CO2 emissions from the production of hydrogen represent 2% of total CO2 emissions (11 million tons) in our territory, while only a few thousand people are implicated in connection with hydrogen!

The hydrogen market is expected to grow significantly with the emergence of new markets, notably hydrogen mobility (hydrogen-powered vehicles) and energy storage.

There is a solution for sustainable hydrogen production without CO2 emissions: water electrolysis. McPhy is working to highlight the advantages of green hydrogen produced through water electrolysis, using hydrogen solutions and a unique technology.