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Because it is increasingly difficult to exploit renewable energy production through electricity networks alone, McPhy manufactures equipment that optimizes electricity resources based on a unique technology for hydrogen storage in solid form, in association with technology for hydrogen production by water electrolysis that has been reinvented and perfectly adjusted to the production needs of renewable energy.

With these two technological components providing reliability and robustness, McPhy has assured its position as the leading provider of hydrogen production solutions at point of consumption.

Our technology is modular by definition a module of 1 to 400 Nm3/h delivering hydrogen at low and high pressure and modular storage of hydrogen for industry and energy - allows us to meet any type of hydrogen requirement, especially large installations where hundreds and thousands of Nm3/h (or multi-MW solutions) are needed for new energy markets and large industrial consumers.

Our solutions are ideal for the industrial hydrogen and hydrogen energy markets.

Industrial hydrogen

Hydrogen energy

McPhy has realized and installed over 3,000 flexible hydrogen-production solutions for more than 1,000 customers worldwide, meaning that more than 7,000 Nm3/h of on-site hydrogen production is now in operation using McPhy technology.